Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Yesterday's stint in the gun shop was busy but nothing hugely noteworthy happened. We did do about 7 background checks but didn't buy any guns, an unusual thing lately. Only 3 of the 7 were delayed.

Interesting guns? There was the cased pair of Great Western derringers in .38 S&W (not Special). They were very nice and seemed better made than the average Remington Derringer copy. There was the 1897 Rolling Block rifle. It was about the best condition of any I've seen but the firing pin was broken (at the tip). I'd kinda like to have it, but don't know why. I've just always wanted one, but might well like a .50-70 gun more.  Not that it matters for this gun now, a stool sitter at the shop traded into it. 

Spent a lot of time with 3 customers. One guy was looking for a holographic sight for his Ruger MKII. Had a long discussion about the prices, etc for the Leupold, Eotech and Burris offerings. None in stock and he went home to ponder some more.

One like the Enfield that I hope she has...
Second was a lady whose father is suffering from dementia and she's pricing the guns she isn't keeping. Should be some interesting pieces there. Colt 1911, Enfield No2 MKI revolver, Baby Browning .25 ACP, Colt Model 1908 .380 ACP, and some others. She was the FIRST woman who had memorized, correctly it seemed, the marks on the various firearms. Of course, she LIKES to shoot and was keeping, she made that very clear, a Winchester Model 62 and Model 63 for her own use.

Third was a couple, the lady was buying, who were looking for a revolver to carry to and from work and while out walking the dog, etc. Looked at everything and finally decided on the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38 Special revolver. The deciding factors were grip shape, weight and the laser sight. She bought THREE boxes of ammunition and two holsters (a IWB and a pocket holster) for the gun.

That took us right up to closing.

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