Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Yesterday was the slowest day I've ever experienced in working the gun shop.  It was so slow that we went through almost half the day "short" a clerk and had no problems keeping up.  We barely grossed enough to pay the manpower bill.  We did only one transfer but it was for a straight trade and no money, other than the $2.00 background check fee, changed hands.  Even the number of stool sitters was down. 

Interesting guns?  Unfortunately, no.  The owner of the Remington rolling block is still waiting on a firing pin and for a stock repair but he has cleaned the gun, in and out.

One thing I thought was interesting, as I wiped down the guns in the case for the second time yesterday, was that the High Standard HD Military (with hammer) has yet to sell.

Another HD Military (Hammer) Pistol
High Standard was originally in Hamden, Connecticutt but the assets have been purchased by High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Houston, Texas. High Standard had an extensive line of firearms which included handguns and shotguns but was particularly noted, in my youth, for the .22 rimfire semi-auto pistols.

I haven't shot it, only handled it in the store. I've shot other High Standard pistols and they were accurate and pleasant to shoot. This one has fairly good finish but has clearly been used. It comes without a box or spare magazine. I had thought it would be an interesting gun but I'm a bit leery of buying it if only because I don't know enough about these guns to recognize whether or not it might have a problem. I do know that one shouldn't dry fire these guns and an examination of the chamber would seem to indicate that it hasn't been dry fired much if at all. That's good. The grips/stocks aren't cracked. It doesn't seem to have major problems. However, some say that these guns are very magazine sensitive. It is hard to determine if this magazine is defective or not without firing the gun.

Of course, there's a video on YouTube!

And a parts list...

- High Standard Serial Number Data
- High Standard: A Collector's Guide to the Hamden & Hartford Target Pistols by Tom Dance
- High Standard Collectors' Association
- High Standard Manufacturing Company

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