Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bullet Casting

This might once again be the only way we shooters will be able to afford or maybe get at all any of the bullets we know and love. What with lead everywhere but lead bans popping up in many state legislatures (as a back door way to ban guns), it may be an act of civil disobedience to cast bullets. Still, the alternative, no bullets, is unacceptable.

Do you cast now?  Have you ever thought about casting?  There are a number of references and molds are for sale from a number of sources.  Bullet casters are among the most helpful of any hobbyists.   If you have a question there's somebody out there to help you.  They even have their own forum, Cast Boolits.  If you have a problem, it is likely somebody there has the solution.

There are any number of print references as well.  Here are some I recommend:
- Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook
- NRA Cast Bullet Book by COL E.H. Harrison, (ISBN 0-935998-49-7) (Note:  hard to find and out of print)
- Jacketed Performance with Cast Bullets by Veral Smith

- Ballisticast Products (Hensley and Gibbs mold designs AND quality)
- Lead Bullets Technology


Unknown said...

Hobie; I've been casting for years and use home cast almost exclusively.

Unknown said...

Should have added that the website "Cast Boolits" is the absolute best reference on cast bullets.