Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clean up...

After years of seemingly reduced rainfall we are having a spring as wet as any in recent memory.  However, more than ever, the rain comes all at once.  None of this multi-day drizzle to reach 1", we get a 10-15 minute downpour of ½" of rain, wait a bit and then another.  In this old house, the gutters run to the sewer under the house and are linked to the basement drains.  The 4" pipe can't handle that much run-off all at once and we've got a backup of 4-5 gallons into the basement.  Very little sludge, but still a pain.  I cleaned up a bit this morning and moved more stuff away from the offending drain, just in case.  Will be going back to Mom's to mow a bit this afternoon. 

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