Monday, May 16, 2011

Ruger Speed-Six Stainless 2-3/4"

Ruger Stainless 2-3/4"  Speed-Six
Years ago my first purchase of a center-fire revolver was a Ruger Stainless Security-Six.  It was a great gun and when I had to sell it to pay my lawyer for helping me keep my life I was pretty bummed.  Still, I was able to recover and later get another.  I got that first gun because I'd had a good experience with Dad's 4" blued Speed-Six.  I really liked the six series guns after owning my own Security-Six and so I wanted a matching stainless Speed-Six but with the 2-3/4" barrel.  One day at work, I lucked out and one walked in the door.  I got it.  It came with Hogue rubber which I think is ugly AND oversized.  I put the much smaller Pachmayr rubber on it (seen on left) that I'd taken off the 4" Speed-Six and waited.  I had to wait about 4 weeks but the former owner of the 2-3/4" gun brought me the factory stocks.  Add a Tyler-T grip adapter and we're good to go.  Well almost...

Speed-Six, Tyler-T and Speed Loader, all ready!
You see, the former owner must have had some sort of vision problem I don't share.  He'd painted the face of the rear sight with white enamel and then, he'd done the same to the face of the front sight.  How anyone sees white on white sights is beyond me.  A couple of quick blasts with Gun Scrubber and a scrubbing using an old toothbrush plus careful cleaning of the front sight's grooved face with a scribe and I had sights I could see and use.

Now what holster should I carry the old girl in?  Why a Bianchi Pistol Pocket made for the S&W 13, 65, 19 and 66 of course.  Works a treat.

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