Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to mind the watches...

I've inherited 3 watches but never done a thing about or with them to this point as I thought it might be too much money or time or effort and not worth it. I don't know much about watches, I'm no horologist, but I do know a bit about nostalgia and sentimentality so now is the time to wind this up. I'll keep adding info as I learn...

Watch #1 Face

Watch #1 Works
Watch #1 - I have no idea to whom this belonged but it did come from my maternal side of the family.  Apparently this open face cased watch is a Waltham with a 15-jewel movement, made by American Waltham Watch Co. (AWWCo). The serial number is 23812186 and this tells us the watch movement was made in 1920.  The works diameter is 1-7/16" or size 12. 

Watch #2 Case " Front"
Watch #2 Case Reverse
Watch #2 Face
Watch #2 Inscription (presumably a former owner)
Watch #2 Case Marks
Watch #2 Works
Watch #2 - The 14K gold hunting case is marked "Gruen" but the works are, again, "Waltham".  I finally managed to open it up to look at the works.  It is marked as above,  "AWWCo" and "Riverside".  The serial is 7274502 indicating it was made 1895.  The works diameter is 1-7/16" or size 12.  It is shown with the watch chain and knife/fob as it came to me. I believe this is the one that belonged to "Uncle" Dave Fancher (on the paternal side of the family).  I was told that he bought the watch 2nd hand from somebody else and that he needed it for his work on the railroad (he was a railroad detective at one time). 

Watch #3 Face
Watch #3 Back
Watch #3 in box
Close-up of Key for Watch #3
Watch #3 Works
Watch #3 -  This one, if I remember correctly, came from the maternal side of the family.  Note the neat box.  It is key wound and has a neat key.  The works diameter is 1-1/2".The maker is apparently A. R. Schmid.  Neuchatel is in Switzerland but whether this mark applies to the case or works or both I don't know.  The case mark is "AE" and the case is 18K gold.

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I have this same watch. Any idea of value?