Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Yesterday was a good day at the gun shop.  We were pretty busy despite the construction in the street out front (West Beverly Street).  Usually when the weather is good nobody is coming in, they are out doing something else.   When the weather is bad they come in.  But, yesterday was busy all morning, and the later half of the afternoon.  Great day. 

Chris is taking in some neat guns as they surface due to the economy.  Folks need money and are selling "treasures".  We have a refinished (very nicely so) Mauser C96 which should make a good shooter for somebody who's wanted to try these out.  I think it is an OLD re-blue job, the bore is blued as well, but the polisher didn't even break any sharp corners much less buff out any marks.  He also just took in a Heckler & Koch (H&K) G91 (not a CETME or Century Arms) which is a 7.62 NATO/.308 Win chambered firearm.  This one also has the telescopic sight mount.  One seldom sees these on the local market. 

The highlight of the day was that I was able to get a nice first year Ruger Bearcat, albeit without the box, and I'm not into it for much.  More on that later. 

We did have a bit of a puzzle yesterday.  Lewis was working on a S&W M586 on which the hammer would "stick" forward after every double-action trigger pull locking up the action.  Neither he nor I could figure this one out.  He had and tried replacing several parts without effect but exactly what he did I cannot say as I was busy for much of the time he was working on it.  One of the major attractions to working in the shop is that one gets to see such things without having to make a purchase!  I'm going to try to figure this one out...

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