Monday, May 23, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Today's work at the shop appeared to be off to a slow start. The contractors have moved down West Beverly to directly in front of the store as they work to repair the sewer line. It was hard to get into the lot from either direction and not much easier to drive around and come in on Waverly Street. Also, the heavy equipment seemed to be in the parking lot much of the day. However, we ended the day with 8 background checks completed and a good bit of business done, albeit in four hectic spurts throughout the morning and afternoon.

There weren't really any interesting firearms new to the shop since last Monday. We did have some interesting conversations though.

One fellow is looking for the correct receiver/aperture sight for the Stevens 414 Armory rifle. He apparently has a tang peep sight but wants the correct sight. Lyman made a couple of sights that are correct for the gun but I believe that the one illustrated is the correct "as issued" sight.  This is an extremely simple sight completely in keeping with the price point of the rifle.  I'm not surprised that many were later replaced with more sophisticated sights of one kind or another.  Such a sight would be completely serviceable, but other sights would give many shooters much more confidence.  I'm looking, but if you know of or have one for sale, let me know and I'll get him to contact you.

Likewise interested in hard to find sights is another fellow looking for the anti-aircraft insert for the Lyman 48C sight used on the .22LR military training rifles. I noticed that Brophy's book mentions but doesn't show the aperture. I looked in TM 9-280 and you can see it there on page 106 as shown here. I'm going out on a limb and saying that I think these are going to be hard to find.  I doubt that anyone took the time or went to the effort to switch to this aperture unless given strict orders to do so.  Changing would have been a real pain for any half-day training exercise!

The only other interesting thing is that the boss man auctioned his PMR-30 on Gunbroker.  It sold for $580+!  I was astonished but a quick review of completed auctions shows that some of these guns have sold, new, for as much as $685!  That's roughly 2-times the MSRP.

PS - for the sights it was suggested that we recommend Gary Fellers.  

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