Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Ruger Alphabet Bearcat...

Newest Bearcat
Once upon a time, ok, about 4 years ago, I managed to glom onto a long desired gun, a Ruger Bearcat.  I thought I was very fortunate to get an old model.  It was only coincidental that it was first year, "alphabet" gun.  They are called "alphabet" guns because Ruger, after producing the first thousand, made the next thousands by numbering them with a letter pre-fix and 001-999, changing the letter as each 3-digit number hit 999.  I know a couple of people who only collect these looking to have examples A-Z as it were.  I thought this one was neat because it is an "M" gun and M is for Madeline, my grand-daughter.  I hope she wants and I have the opportunity to give her this gun. Since I already have a "B" for myself I suppose that I now "need" to find a "K" for my grandson!

The condition is better than my other gun with only some slight bluing wear at the muzzle.  The loading gate spring tension is noticeably less than the earlier Bxxx gun.  However, when I got it it had every appearance of having been stored in a sheep shed.  This is one of those things that I was able to get by virtue of working in a gun shop.  A coworker needed money for another gun and had brought it in hoping to lure in another coworker but I was there first.  I'm glad of it, too!

I've got a nice little Simply Rugged sourdough pancake holster for the Bearcats.  Rob even included the neat inside out straps for it.

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