Thursday, May 05, 2011

USFA Rodeo

Seller's photo of USFA Rodeo .45 Colt 4-3/4"
Got another new to me gun, a United State Fire Arms Rodeo.  This one has had an "action job" and a Belt Mountain base pin installed.  Yes, another .45 Colt and it fits the El Paso Saddlery and Mernickle holsters. The holster pictured herewith was sold long ago by the previous owner.  However, I don't have to get anything else to put it to use. As of this date the listed MSRP on this gun is $750.00.  USFA has this to say about the Rodeo...
The design of the Original Rodeo® was forged by history. It is handcrafted with our Cowboy Action Matte Blue™ a Special Glare-Reducing Finish. The balance is perfect. Reliability, unquestioned. Experience the benefit of fully machined bar stock parts, properly tempered springs and a hand built action in that first pull of the trigger.

The Original Rodeo’s easy to acquire sight picture is yours as you sight down a wide rear notch and square front blade with our special glare-reducing finish; cowboy shooting in bright sunlight is no problem.

The Original Rodeo® available in .45 Colt or .38 Special, with 4-¾" or 5-½" barrel. “US” hard rubber grips are standard on all base models.

The Original Rodeo® rides into the USFA product line to meet the demand of the SASS enthusiast. The Original Rodeo® is an affordable, Made in U.S.A. entry into the world of cowboy shooting, giving SASS shooters a choice of a 100% American made product instead of the imported clones so often found at the lower end of the price/quality market.

USFA builds guns up to a level of quality unsurpassed by any other maker - foreign or domestic. Using modern manufacturing techniques pioneered here at USFA, the parts we make are 100% American Made.
My first shooting experience with it wasn't so great. Using my current standard revolver load for the .45 Colt of 8.5 gr. Unique under the Keith bullet I didn't seem to get the accuracy I was looking for. Still, it might have been me. It certainly wasn't bullet fit in the chamber throats as a quick check shows them to correctly dimensioned.  This happens sometimes.  I have a bunch of the RCBS 270SA which I will be loading in the next batch.  It might do better.


Whit Spurzon said...

Nice grab! Beautiful revolver and holster. About perfect a woods walking set up as I can imagine.

I like that RCBS 270 bullet. I push it a little hotter Colt/replica spec my Rugers with excellent results. Look forward to reading how it works for you.

Hobie said...

I'm going to reload all my pistol loads just a bit warmer moving up to 9 gr. of Unique. Going to empty the cases first...

Whit Spurzon said...

9 grains of Unique under that 270 grain (275 as cast) gets 996 fps average in my Blackhawk. That's mighty formidable vs. whatever I'd need to shoot. Accurate too.