Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

We had a great day that passed quickly even though we weren't extremely or even fairly busy. Some great folks visited and there were some good and fun conversations.

We did have a fellow bring in a pristine Colt Official Police .22 LR in his search for a holster. He got one in nylon. What was interesting to me is that he brought it in in a .50 caliber ammo can wrapped in an old T-shirt. This was an inheritance from his grandfather that he shot with his grandson. At least it now has a holster (of sorts).

We did do 5 background checks. Only one was held up. We had a native of Kazakstan, now an American citizen, buy his first firearm. While waiting for his background check to clear his boss (also a good customer) showed up. All was well, boss very happy for his man to get his first gun. Said that now he really was an American! Gotta love that attitude.

Nana now wants to go to St. Louis for the next NRA Annual Meeting.

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