Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Train

Nana and I like trains.  She wanted a Christmas train, i.e. a train to run under/around the Christmas tree.  I got her a Lionel set.  This year I broke it out (ironic term alert) to set up and the transformer (CW-80) whistle button is stuck in the on position.  Great fun to have the train run with a continually running whistle (unless one removes the tender and runs only the engine, the whistle is in the tender).  So, I thought I'd repair this bit of fun technology from China but it uses tamper proof screws requiring a screwdriver with a triangular tip (I just read that a TORX #10 will work, will try that).  No go there.  Dated 0604, June 2004, this also puts it outside the repair or replace window for Lionel.  Made in 2004, bought in 2006, run only at Christmas in 2006-2010 (4 years) and the transformer is toes up.  Good deal.  A replacement CW-80 is $60 and shipping.  We'll see.

Fortunately our friend Steve H_____ has an extra power and control unit he will try and set up to run the train for Nana's party on Saturday.  Maybe no whistle but we will have smoke.

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