Monday, December 19, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

What a day. 20 background checks, 24 guns sold, and no time to sit. There are going to be some very happy kids this Christmas! Oh, and if this is an indication of the economy, we're back to Christmas 2007. So what sort of special things happened?

- Saw another example of Ruger's .22 LR SP101. This one was spot on gorgeous, everything was right on this gun.
- FINALLY handled a S&W SW9M and the only words I have for those folks is "Why?" You need a punch and a manual to strip it to clean!
- Saw a fair example of a Colt Police Positive Special .32-20. Fair finish but great mechanically and already sold since it came in the door on Saturday (saved me some money).

I should note that Virginia had approved about 610 transfers by 5:30 this afternoon. If others have about 1/3 of all applicants delayed as we do, that means they had about 300+ applications that had to be manually searched (or whatever they call it) by an actual person. No wonder they are running behind with some from Saturday still delayed.

P.S. I just wanted to add that 2 days later there are STILL 12 delayed background checks awaiting "clearance".  Word is that some of the paper pushers had quit.  Certainly some are always out sick or on leave.  Add to that the huge sales (just our shop had done around 65 sales in the last 4 work days) with 1/3 of those being delayed and you are probably looking at around 450-500 background checks needing individual attention just this week.  Who knows how many are held over from before the weekend.  I have to suggest that this delay is actually a denial of civil rights for those awaiting clearance.  It isn't right and it isn't reasonable.  Rights should trump risk every day.

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