Thursday, December 22, 2011

Colt Officers' Lightweight...

The new to me gun...
While there is some disagreement on what the correct nomenclature is, this newest acquisition is the lightweight version of the Colt Officers' ACP model introduced in 1985.  These are all MK IV Series 80 guns (although the lower price point 1991A1 was called something else).  There have been several configurations of blued, parkerized, and stainless with various grips. 

For a long time I was dead set against these guns because previous experience led me to believe that the short barrel just didn't work with the old Browning mechanism.  Lately, however, a couple of friends have demonstrated that their guns are dependable.  So, I wanted one but I wanted to go all the way on the concealment theme and get a lightweight.  This has proved to be a problem. 

I'd been following them on and when I finally ran across one with the box for a reasonable to me starting bid I jumped in.  Anticipating its momentary arrival, I've ordered some coco-bolo stocks and spare magazines.  The wood is pretty indeed and I think it does much more for the gun than the rubber.  As you can see, I got more than the basic Lightweight Officers' ACP and this one is the enhanced model with the cut-out behind the trigger guard so that you can grip it just a bit higher. 

With new stocks and lanyard loop
As I said, I didn't need to go crazy customizing the gun as the previous owner had been to work on it.  First, it came with 2 Wilson Combat magazines (47,OX), a Wilson Combat full-length guide rod (25CO), and a Wilson Combat Ultralight Match Trigger (190).  I think the grip safety has also been replaced but I'm not sure it is the Wilson unit.  I will be wanting to replace the main spring housing (MSH) with a metal unit.  I kinda wish they made one with an integral lanyard ring but Smith and Alexander does for $51.95 delivered.

I've got a Milt Sparks Summer Special (which I've now been told won't be here before 1 July) and a Simply Rugged Cuda holster ordered for this gun.

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