Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

I worked a second day in a row today.  Notable events?  Well, we did twice the business today as yesterday.  We bought a .416 Rem Mag Ruger No. 1 together with a Stoeger pump shotgun and 3 air-soft guns.  All will be for sale (the No. 1 is available for $775.00!). 

We were so busy that not so much happened of the interesting, I get to talk about it variety but there is a bit of a story concerning the seller of the above guns.  I can not and will not "name names" but this family is deeply grieving the loss of their son.  Apparently he was ill and chose to end things on his own terms.  Consequently, the family is choosing to remove those things that they blame for his peremptory passing.  I find that particularly sad but completely understandable.  Certainly, in such situations, survivors often feel responsible but of course, they don't want to.  It is human nature to find someone or something to blame for misfortune and/or sadness and to whom/to which to pass that guilt.

However, my dear grandchildren, what you do, or do NOT do, is solely YOUR responsibility.  Nobody makes you do anything.  Even if they try to force you by threats, intimidation, even physical coercion, you still have some degree of ability to choose.    

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