Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Another busy day.  We didn't sell any guns but did a land-rush business in ammo and accessories.  Had two different guys come in looking for .348 Winchester ammo, brass and bullets.  That's a bit unusual.  Busy all day long, well, right up to about 4:30.  Business fell off precipitously right after that.

No surprise that there are some good guns resting the the racks.  Among those are a Ruger #1 in .418 Remington, a Ruger Scout rifle, a Ruger SP101 .22 (this one much better than the last), a Ruger .22 LR LCR, and a Winchester 1885 in .45-70 (modern make) with tang peep. 

Need to say a prayer for the boss and his family right now.  They will be burying his wife's maternal grandfather tomorrow.  That he died during the holiday season has been rough on the whole family. 

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