Friday, December 23, 2011

Parslow in the United States

I've done some extensive research on the Parslow family in the United States.  I started with just my ancestors and then was encouraged by Henry Parslow (author of "Who the Heck are We?") to pursue other Parslows.  In finding descendants from my own Parslow line I've run across several other Parslow lines.  I imagine that many of us have a common ancestor somewhere but that person isn't in this country.  So, I've kinda categorized them as follows with the earliest known progenitor in the U.S. and in which state they initially settled.

"Irish" Parslows - This family is descendant from an ancestor who immigrated from Ireland...
- John F. Parslow 1857-unknown, Massachusetts
- Nicholas Parslow 1824-Abt 1880-unknown, New York City (he disappears while family is at Five Points Mission)

"Late English" Parslows - These families are descendant from an ancestor who immigrated after the American Revolution
- Alfred Howard Parslow 1852-1905, Florida
- Charles Edward Parslow 1872-bef 1930, New Jersey
- Charles James Parslow 1824-1891, Minnesota (brother of Septimus)
- Cornelius Henry Parslow 1842-????, New Hampshire
- George Parslow 1860-????, Massachusetts
- John Samuel "Jack" Parslow 1903-1983, New York
- Septimus Parslow 1816-1900, Minnesota (brother of Charles James)
- William A. Parslow 1875-????, New Hampshire

Canadian Parslows - These families are descendant from an ancestor who immigrated from Canada.  Some might be closely related to one another but I haven't pursued that.
- Charles E. Parslow (Sr), Massachusetts
- Samuel Robert Parslow 1872-1951, Minnesota
- William Harold Parslow 1904-1973, Michigan
- William Thomas Parslow 1896-1965, California

There is one William Parslow/Parclow in Plymouth Colony but he only had two daughters and so the Parslow side of the line ends there.  Charles James and Septimus Parslow had a sister, Ann, who also immigrated with her husband Henry Ghostley.

Of course "our" family is descendant from Henrik "Henry" Parslow born about 1740 who lived in Ulster County, New York.  Many of these families seem to point back to Buckinghamshire, England.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I am a great great grandson of John F Parslow. said...

There were at least two John Fs. Frank and Frederick I think. Father and son. I would love to find a copy of that "who The Heck Are We" book. I remember sitting in my Grandfather's living room as he talked on the phone with the author for a while about Connie Parslow. He got rather assertive about some confusion on who the guy was. Then he got off the phone and he gave me the whole story again probably as an act of historical preservation. Wish I payed better attention.