Monday, December 26, 2011


Nana and I had a wonderful day with our grandchildren.  I spent much of it helping Kirk and the other grandparents assemble Lego space ships.  Of course my oldest daughter was there as well Kirk and Madeline's parents.  Margaret made the now traditional kalbi (돼지 갈비) for Christmas dinner.  I think she makes it better than her mother ever did.  Madeline was going full-speed the whole day.  I'm sometimes amazed at how well she reads, never mind that she's only 4½ but then again I started reading at a young age, too.  Both have an eye for detail that has to be experienced to be believed.

I was a bit sad to learn that their Pug had gotten out of the yard and been killed, apparently by a coyote.  The Border Collies, Grace and Camille, would have protected him had he not strayed.  However, that is life.

Margaret sent me home with more ribs to cook this evening.  I can't wait!

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