Monday, March 12, 2007

CHP Holder List On-Line "Courtesy" of the Roanoke Times

Shedding light on concealed handguns by Christian Trejbal seems to put forth this as a great civic service by The Roanoke Times and Mr. Trejbal. Some are livid. I think it is just silly. I know that this means that I can never go unarmed again. My comments to the Times follow.

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Sadly, while you think you've done a great thing (and equated people with a background check to pedophiles in the process) it isn't so. Likely your choice to do this can put somebody at risk.

Once upon a time I was responsible for and the only access to a sizable number of government owned fully-auto weapons. I was threatened and told to get my CHP and did. Having that CHP, unknown to the possible assailants, made me more secure. It made those who might have been threatened by those weapons I safeguarded more secure. I don't suppose you considered that.

But there is the opposite result as well. Anyone not appearing on the list is an easier target for the criminal. I think that you think that criminals, particularly stalkers, can't read, can't use a computer and can't plan past their current meal. I hope you're right but that's not my experience.

Some people foolishly believe that everything that can be said must be said. Sometimes, it is better to keep your mouth shut even if you can say something, even if you have the knowledge to accurately report it. There is always somebody ready, willing, and able to take advantage of the blabber-mouth.

I might also add that you managed to insult a large number of people when you imply, without substantiation, that CHP holders can't manage their emotions sufficiently so that others must be cautious around them. In fact, I think the statistics bear out that there are more criminal acts by police officers than by CHP holders in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Perhaps you could research that.

My name, correctly spelled, is provided so that you can avoid me if you so choose.


(name deleted for the blog, do some research)

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