Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another day hunting...

Leading Ridge Road with a view of the food plots
Out again today.  More rain to start and then it stopped, at least where I was, before picking up again with a vengeance.

Today I went up above Todd Lake, off Leading Ridge Road to the food plots (well, they were originally) which show as the light green fields in this satellite photo.  I didn't see much but there may have been a hunter along the ridge on the upper right corner of the photo hunting grouse.  There were only two shots, they sounded like a shotgun, and if it had been squirrels he was after he'd have found more than two.  I found quite a bit of mast, acorns, on the ground and no deer prints.  I did find a bit of scat. 

More scat, this near Leading Ridge Road...
Yep, more scat.  Does this describe my hunting?  So, what animal do you think left this?  Is that hair in that scat?  This was dropped right in the middle of the logging road at the bottom edge of that lowest field in the satellite photo.  This is what the field looked like from where the scat was...

I don't think they've planted anything, but it does appear to have been mowed. 

Ok, so I don't know quite where to go tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain showers and colder temperatures.  The deer might be moving a bit as it will be raining all night (and has been).   Bucks only, so, I guess we'll see.

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