Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

I stewed quite a bit over whether or not to bother to write something about yesterday's stint in the gun shop. Clearly business is picking up most of it being for the now in progress early muzzleloading season. There were some gun sales and we did sell one Parker crossbow as a Christmas present. We didn't have a moment of free time in the morning but things slowed down a lot after 12:30. Still had customers, just didn't have to rush from one to the other. All this is very good. However, there is nothing truly interesting to report.

Had a couple of old friends from my National Guard service come in as well. That is also good. But, again, nothing really interesting.

PS - Today was election day. Grandpa and Nana vote EVERY election day. Now that the socialists have taken over the Democrat party we never vote for them, not even for dog catcher or city ditch inspector. Next year there will be another election. You don't need to wonder how we're going to vote.

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