Monday, November 14, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Today was busy with lots of folks getting ready for gun season start this coming Saturday, the current muzzle-loader season and general stuff for the non-hunting shooters.  We had a bunch of guns come into the store including one notable lot that included TWO Winchester 9422s (one a LR NIB and one a Magnum with only a single small scratch but no box), a Marlin 39M Octagonal from 1973, a Henry .22 LR (scoped) and a 10 gauge L.C. Smith with hammers and Damascus barrels in wonderful condition.  I love the old guns.  Agonized over but decided to forgo all the .22s.

I almost forgot to mention that we had one fellow who came in looking for a replacement (OEM) buttpad for his TC Omega.  His had apparently fallen off while dragging his deer back to his vehicle.  I looked at the stock and one couldn't see any damage where he might have scrubbed the pad off.  The pillars inside the stock didn't seem to be damaged as they might be if the screws were pulled out (which makes me think there were no screws holding the pad on the stock.  I had never thought to examine how those buttpads are attached and we didn't have a new Omega to look at yesterday having sold them all.  

We only did 3 background checks today.  We had some friends wander in, although that's hardly news nowadays.  It was a good day.

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