Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunting, still...

Today began with preparation for Thanksgiving.  Aunt Deanna will be visiting us for the holiday.  She's supposed to be here tonight and go home on Sunday afternoon.  We picked up some things for tomorrow's meal, got the dog groomed, picked up some around the house and then, after eating some REALLY good macaroni and cheese, I went hunting.

Didn't do so well at that.  It was very windy today.  The squirrels were out and about.  The wind doesn't bother them much.  However, the deer, not being so many were apparently either elsewhere or securely bedded down where they could see anyone who approached (or couldn't help but here them, i.e. in the REALLY thick stuff).  I toughed it out until dark but I had to admit defeat and leave when I couldn't see my sights well enough to shoot.

Fortunately, Nana is making fried catfish tonight.  I'm fine with that.

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