Monday, November 21, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Well, today was interesting.  I got to work and it had already started.  We had an irate customer who wanted to trade in a gun he told us didn't work.  We had a gun that had just been returned from the manufacturer which still didn't work (different manufacturer).  We had a know-it-all who tried to influence the decisions of every customer who came into the shop while he was there.  Things did improve from there.

We sold the Winchester 9422M to a fellow from North Carolina.  I also sold 4 other guns.  We helped identify an old damascus side-by-side shotgun (just a Belgian guild gun) and prevent an eager 13-year old from using 3" magnums in it.  We got to help solve some last minute regular firearms season equipment problems.  We sold a lot of ammo.

I like being busy.  The day went quickly.  Unfortunately, there were no really unusual firearms.

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