Thursday, November 17, 2011

Third day straight of hunting...

...but not all day by any means.  I got up, ate breakfast, dressed and went out to hunt.  Nana was making some noise about snow and I didn't believe it.  Was 41° in town when I left and 36° out at Parnassus.  There was some rain in town but the roads were dry by the time I turned down Bunker Hill Road.  However, once I got out of the truck and the gun capped and ready to give fire the wind was blowing and it was spitting the occasional snowflake.  Not enough of them to get a photo but enough to let you know that it was colder than it has been.  I should have worn my wool pants.  Walked down to the woods to watch the trails and sat down.  15 minutes later and I felt blue from the cold.  Ok, so 36° isn't all that cold but darn, it was cutting through those pants and my toes always get cold quick.  Guess I should have worn the boot socks instead of wool hiking socks.  I was not happy.  Nothing was moving.  So, I packed it in and came home.  I am still warming up!  The next 3 hunting days are work days for me but I'll be out Tuesday with a cartridge rifle and we'll see. 

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