Saturday, April 28, 2007

.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire Ammo

Before I was distracted by a fantastic offer on a rifle (carbine) for which I've been waiting pretty much my whole life (see the blurb on the Winchester 1876 NWMP SWC)I was busy pulling together some .22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum ammo. I use the stuff in my Single-Six and Contender 16" barrel. Pretty handy around Mom's place for eliminating various pests in the .5-20 lb range. Properly placed from less than 50 yards it might do well on animals (e.g. coyotes) up to about 40-50 lbs live weight.

Right now I'm using the Remington 40 gr. PSP (Pointed Soft Point). Somewhere along the line I picked up a box and it shot pretty well so the other day I bought a brick. Not sure it is my favorite .22 WRFM load but we'll see.

I'd already used most of a box of this really expensive Remington fodder with the VMAX bullets. Oh, it did a number on the groundhogs and it is accurate but it sure is expensive. Hard to justify a quantity of this as it is nearly $50 a brick more expensive than the PSP ammo.

Some time ago I got a promotional box of 200 rounds of the Winchester 34 gr. HP ammo as shown here. It came in a plastic, MTM type box but the latch broke when I first opened it. It will also do a number on Mr. Woodchuck. However, with the Winchester rimfire plant in East Alton, IL not yet replaced by their Oxford, MS plant, you just have to get what you can where you can find it. A friend reported buying 1000 rounds for $50, I'd say he got a great deal as this ammo is retailing for more than $10 a box of 50.

Both CCI and Federal are producing a premium .22 WRFM load using the Speer 30 gr. TNT bullet. The Federal load is pretty darn accurate in my contender carbine but I've never used the CCI product pictured here so can't report on it. I'm sure the bullet works well but a good load is more than a bullet. The price of the CCI is comparable to other premium .22 WRFM ammo or about $10 a box of 50 rounds.

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