Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are the 1876 SRC Repros Here? - UPDATED

The leverguns forum buddies let me know about these at Nevada Western Firearms and so I've got a message in asking about price and availability. If you are some sort of trogoldyte and don't know, this is the Chaparral Winchester 1876 Saddle Ring Carbine with 22" barrel, full stock, 45-75 caliber, Spanish meter rear sight, and NWMP marked in same serial range as originals.

These are really interesting, historical firearms but the only way I'm going to own one to shoot is to own a reproduction. This is absolutely thrilling. Now, to convince Mrs. Hobie to let me spend that much money!


Price is $1350 + $40 shipping and they only have one available.

- 2nd UPDATE -

The gun is paid for and enroute to my dealer. Good golly! I just couldn't help myself. With so few though, I think it will sell quickly (after I'm dead and gone...) so Mrs. Hobie isn't overly unhappy.

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