Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Browning Nomad II

The Browning Nomad II is a recurve pulling 45 lbs at 28" and Dad purchased this from a dealer in Verona, VA in 1967 along with a dozen cedar arrows. I think he paid about $75 for the whole thing. I know the MSRP on the bow was about $64.75 in 1967 (only $47.50 in 1966). I can remember being quite impressed!

We used to stand in the front yard of our house in Bridgewater and shoot across the street into a dirt pile in a vacant lot. No, there were no calls to the police or such things. Indeed a couple of neighbors would step out and have a chat as we shot. A different time indeed.

Like all bows of the period one shoots off the shelf. Call me old fashioned but I prefer that. That shelf sure is a lot more sturdy than those little plastic rests they often use nowadays. Some people think they are too short and they will stack at the longer draw lengths. Long draw is not a problem for me so I never experienced that problem. On the other hand, the short length has some advantages. You will also find some folks that don't like the low draw weight but 45 lbs is the legal minimum here in VA and it is more than adequate for deer at reasonable ranges, i.e. ranges at which I can put an arrow into a vital spot on a deer.

I am wondering if I can find out some info about the bow based on the serial number. If you can help, please, write me.

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