Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knives, Now Hatchets

Axes are just as much fun as knives and machetes. I've accumulated several.

The first are these three. The one I've had the longest is the oldest in style. From the bottom we have a tomahawk I bought from Dixie Gun Works in 1975. I used to take my lunch at Mission Account at FT Hunter-Liggett, CA to throw at an old stump out front of the compound. Then I started hunting the ground squirrels who were mocking me from their holes on either side of the stump. After about 1000 throws I actually brained one of the little buggers! I think that the Native Americans and Mountain Men didn't throw these things, they kept them firmly in hand. Much more certain in execution! Mine is on the second handle. The first I still use as a mold mallet.

I've not used the next two at all although I've had them for some time. The middle hatchet is a common mass produced item from one of the big box stores. Nothing special and apparently not useful as I've not got any wear on the blade!

The second is a Fiskars using the latest in metalurgic and fabrication technologies. The Fiskars handle will supposedly resist destruction even when run over by a truck (shown in one of their promotional films). I got this one to carry in the truck but the Woodman's Pal has generally proved to be more useful. At least enough so that I've never used the Fiskars hatchet. Still it is a cool thing. You might notice some similarities to Gerber's product...

Then, of course, I've some full size working axes. These I've used! Sometimes, although it is a bit more work, it is a bit less trouble to grab the ax than to fire up the chainsaw. One doesn't need to worry with the noise or fuel either. I've single bitted and double-bitted axes. The double-bitted are good because not only do they look cool and let the Walter Mitty in us think that we're Paul Bunyan but each edge can be sharpened differently so that one edge is for splitting and the other for cutting or just to have a replacement edge or one edge that can be used next to "obstacles".

Axes and hatchets are fun but clearly not all that important to me.

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