Sunday, April 15, 2007

Browning Bushmaster

I bought this from my sister-in-law to give her some much needed money. She no longer needed the bow but I couldn't warm up to it. I tried to get my 3 children to enjoy it but they apparently couldn't warm to it either. It still rests in my home. We did manage to use up the arrows with which my sister-in-law passed it to us and to break, age related to the plastic used I think, the snap on bow quiver.

I suppose that I should use it, that is, not let it go to waste. This will entail a new quiver and arrows and adjusting it to the top of it's draw range or about 45 lbs which will make it legal for deer. It will also likely need a new rest soon. Interesting how the "improved" bow needs as much or more maintenance than the older bows...

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