Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Can't Go Back

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Project will cater to weekly rentals
By KELLY BRUNI Staff Writer

FLY CREEK - A final site plan review for a special permit may be presented to the Otsego town planning board next month for a motel/hotel complex that could accommodate 140-200 Dreams Park visitors.

The Donney Brook Bungalows are to be located between Rte. 80 and Parslow Rd. in Oaksville. The property is owned by Ken Stabler and the site plan designs have been created by Beardsley Design Associates.

"We've been working on this project close to a year," said Tom Cormier, business manager for the project. "We've worked hard on it. I think it will fit in with this whole area."

The project consists of nine bungalows, each containing four, two-bedroom units, and a recreational center/rental facility. The recreational center would be open to the public as well as guests at the complex for different uses such as weddings or conferences, he said.

The bungalows are geared towards daily to weekly renters.

"It's built for a family," he said. They anticipate placing volleyball courts and horseshoe pits on the property.

Although they are looking to attract the Dreams Park visitors, Cormier also stated that they hope to attract people year-round. He proposed that businesses or organizations may consider the complex as a retreat.

A portion of property to the right of the complex is commercially zoned and designated for future projects, said Cormier.

"Our primary concern is the bungalows," he said.

They hope to begin construction this spring.

During previous discussions, Cormier said they had considered moving Parslow Road, however, because of a potential for public opposition, they have abandoned the idea.
More proof that you can't go back. You see, this spot between Parslow Road and route 80 was once a part of my grandfather's farm. Come summer we'd hunt groundhogs and once upon a time I speared one there, right where they are going to build bungalows. Nobody will know, nobody will care, and nobody will ever know the land in that way again.

You can't see it here but Parslow Road runs just north east of 80 and 28 and parallel to the two roads up to the intersection. We used to come in on 80 from the west and look for the US flag he always flew as we topped the hill.

I've no idea what became of the old house built in the early 1800s that was the Parslow family home for about 40 years. The last time I was there there were already houses down the road towards Cattown and the man who owned the property then had put a new basement under the old building. He has since died as well. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I couldn't afford the taxes and couldn't stand the gun laws up there.

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