Thursday, April 19, 2007

Buffalo Bore's Standard Pressure .38 Special Loads

My two recently ordered boxes of Buffalo Bore's Standard Pressure Short Barrel Heavy .38 Special ammo made it to my door today, courtesy of UPS. Very interesting and, for some at least, expensive. The 2 boxes of 20 rounds cost me $53+ dollars. I think this is a boon for the non-reloader who wants to use his non +P rated S&W or Colt revolver for concealed carry or home defense. As you can see by following the link, there are 3 loads but I chose the more traditional 158 gr. LHP load. Looks good so far.

As you can see here, the hollow point of the Buffalo Bore round on the right is substantially larger than of the Winchester 158 gr. LSWCHP FBI load on the left. This and the substantially softer bullet should promote expansion at the slightly reduced velocities one will get from the standard pressure loading. I'm certain attackers won't notice the difference at arms length distance. So, after a quick check to ascertain the gun shoots to POA at self defense distances, I switched from the .45 Auto to the Detective Special.

In the Simply Rugged Silver Dollar with inside out loops, I'm ready to head to work tomorrow and the gun is ready to do double duty as the second bedside gun tonight. One that I'm confident Mrs. Hobie can use as a last resort defence.

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