Monday, April 16, 2007

Shootings at Virginia Tech - UPDATED

This morning on the campus of Virginia Polytechnical University there were an undetermined/unknown number of shootings by a suspected single shooter. In a residential hall or dormitory and the rest in Norris Hall, the details of these shootings are still not known. However 32 students and faculty were killed by the gunman who apparently shot himself. Also being reported but unconfirmed is that the two pistols had defaced serial numbers so the source is unknown but that they were both 9mm and the shooter had "multiple clips".

I would first like to express my condolences to the parents and families of anyone injured or killed.

Now, I've got to say that if there were somebody on the campus, legally carrying concealed this shooter might not have suceeded in harming so many as were harmed. If I remember correctly, VA Tech is a "no go" zone for concealed carry by school policy and this is one of the contentious points in VA legal circles.

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