Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bear Grizzly

Dad bought his Bear Grizzly bow after the Browning Nomad II. I don't remember exactly but I think this was for two reasons. One, for hunting, it gave us a second bow that Dad would use leaving the Nomad for my use. It also didn't stack at full draw as the Nomad might have done. Dad was 73" tall and had much longer arms than I have, especially at that age, so I think the Nomad might have stacked for him.

Our Grizzly now has a good coat of Browning camo paint so that one can't read the markings, but it is marked as drawing 55 lb at 28 inches. I really like this bow. It is easy to shoot well and isn't overly long. I've been using plastic fletched aluminum arrows with it and have about worn out 1 dozen so I need to have more made.

I recently looked at a new Grizzly at a local shop and they've left the separate rest and gone back to the shelf rest. It is a good looking bow as you can see in the photo from Bear Archery.

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